Dr Rebera Foston - Peace on earth Video Promo

This is Dr. Foston’s second video.

This time she has chosen to narrate and image 13 of her poems that depict the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). Based on her twenty-five years of treating teenagers as a Family Practice Physician and 18 years of ministering to the spiritually disenfranchised, Dr. Foston has outlined these five steps to healing: Validation, Commiseration, Realization, Celebration and Spiritualization.

This video Poetry album is focused on the first step, Validation. Dr. Foston wants this Project to begin the healing for so many women. Too many of our mothers and foremothers had to wait for their Peace in the hereafter. Dr. Foston wants Black women to have peace right now! Dr. Foston prays for Black women to find Peace through the Rain, Peace through the Wind, Peace through the Fire, and finally, Peace on Earth.

This video is the perfect companion workbook to her book Peace on Earth, an inspirational journal for women. Dr Foston is also the author of “You Don’t Live On My Street.

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